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We at The Original Cornish Beach Robe Co. think that we all need cheering up, so let's look forward to summer and the glorious Cornish beaches, with this Flash Sale of the fabulous The Original Cornish Beach Robe Co.

Over the last couple of years I have been thinking about bringing back the good old-fashioned beach robe. A 100% cotton robe that will instantly warm and dry you. And here it is.

  • CheekyAll our robes are generous sizes to give you that warm snuggley wrap around and made from 100% cotton.

    Size Guide
    Shoulder Width
    Sleeve Length
    Equivalent Dress Size


    Carry Bag
    Zip Bag

    Note: All sizes in centimetres (cm). 

  • Cheeky

    The Original Cornish Beach Robe:

    • Long sleeves to keep fingers warm, but easy to roll up when lighting the barbecue
    • A deep wrap that stays in place over your chest keeping the chill at bay
    • A tall collar to warm and protect cold ears
    • A long length to preserve modesty
    • No itchy labels on the insid
    • A handy hanging loop behind the collar
    • Nice big pockets
    • A belt that will not fall off
    • Three great colours
    • Three generous unisex sizes
    • And Cheeky the seagull logo

    It all comes in a beautiful beach bag with impeccable credentials.

    Made from recycled cotton in Mysore India, by a cooperative of 78 women who earn a stable and sustainable income for themselves and their dependents.

  • Cheeky

    While the beach robe is made in England it comes in a beautiful beach bag with impeccable credentials.

    The bag and the smaller zipped bag are made from recycled cotton in Mysore India, by a cooperative of 78 women who earn a stable and sustainable income for themselves and their dependents. Check out for the full story.


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2020-06-11 23:13
My lovely robe has just arrived. Packaged beautifully in the beach bag under layers of tissue paper. Fantastic bright, cheerful orange colour and very soft towelling material. Generously sized with a non slip belt and the cheeky seagull motif on the back. All in all a great gift to myself.....we all deserve to be spoiled.
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2020-05-26 10:37
Thank you for all these lovely reviews! With all good wishes Fern xx
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2020-05-25 15:26
Just received my beach robe and am genuinely blown away by the quality. The fit is superb, the best I’ve ever tried. Most wrap around robes never quite cover everything on me but this beautiful thing does with bells on. I am a size 24 top and 22 bottom and there is a very generous amount of coverage and no gaping. The whole package, with it’s gorgeous bag and pouch are fantastic. The bag itself is superbly made and so useful for holidays. I won’t be on the beach anytime soon sadly but never fear, I will most definitely be wearing this at home. I purchased at the special price and my word, did I bag a bargain. This is the very best of the best without doubt. Thank you Fern, a definite winner.
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2020-05-05 17:54
Really impressed with the quality and fit of the robes. I have bought one as a gift and was very pleased with presentation of the robe, I won't need to re-pack it. Then carry bag is lovely too, sturdy and useful. Excellent colours and fit properly over a generously proportioned beach body too. Love it!
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2019-09-13 12:42
I've just received my stunning green robe - it's perfect. Lovely and roomy, fabulous detail on the back, really can't wait to wear it.
Now I'm thinking, can I stretch to getting everyone one for Christmas? We all adore the beach, albeit it Suffolk! Wouldn't it be a fantastic present to receive. This could have solved my annual special present dilemma!
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2019-05-08 15:24
What a fab idea, I just read about your robes in Prima, I have just returned form my 2 week beach holiday in Dorset, would have been great for the beach! I wish you lots of luck with your robes they look great! Justine nice website too! Great colours!
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2019-05-08 15:24
Really please with my robe 100 percent cotton hard to find now very comfortable and love the blue. The beach bag I’m using when I go swimming and gym. It holds all my bits for the gym and is super light and inside water proof. I think you could sell them separately as couple of people liked it at my aqua class. I’d buy another. Thanks.
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2019-05-08 15:21
I ❤️ my Original Cornish Beach Robe. So soft, comfy, roomy and absolutely gorgeous... It’s just like a lovely, great big hug. I may never take it off! Top notch, thank you!
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2019-05-08 15:20
I LOVE my Original Cornish Beach robe so much I am about to order another one. Fabulous quality, and the bags are a superb unknown extra until you receive. I shall sit onthe beach, in my robe and read a Fern novel, that is when I get to the beach. Meanwhile, I am happy to wear in my draughty old Wiltshire house. congratulations lovely Fern ona fabulous robe.
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2019-05-08 14:21
A beautifully packaged and excellent garment. Generous sizing, and beautiful cotton. I LOVE the colours and shall definitely be buying the other two colours. It has already been in use in my draughty old Wiltshire house, couldn't wait for the beach! Also the fabulous bags which come with the robe are just stunning, congratulations you lovely lady Fern, i shall obvs be reading one of your novels when I finally get to the beach in my robe.

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